Our values

Business ethics

We believe that it is in our clients, ourselves and employees interests to build and maintain a good public image. Having high business ethics in our daily work insures that significantly. Indeed, honesty and fairness is an essential basis for the entire FS Noma (FS Rental) working philosophy.


Our daily work is conducted by high standards of quality to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. This motto maintains the FS Noma (FS Rental) enterprise and enhances our customers" trust and respect.


FS Noma (Noma) stands for full of respect, mutual trust-based relationships among employees. Continuous knowledge and skill development, competitive recognition and reward system characterizes FS Noma (FS Rental) working environment. We stand for active employee benefits system and career growth in FS Noma (FS Rental). Our company strives to provide working conditions that help employees to continually develop themselves.

Management and leadership

Well-considered and coherent public image, high level of service and effectiveness of work provides a successful business.